Frequently Asked Questions


Do I need to make a reservation?

Yes and no… For our Spa Wash no reservation is required, however, we do recommend calling to check on availability during peak times. For our Luxury Wash, Posh Spa Grooming, and Day Care, reservations are needed. Same-day appointments may be available. 

Are vaccines required?

We do require all our guests to be current on their vaccines for their safety and others. Please bring documentation and veterinarian contact information with you on your first visit. 

What do I need to bring with me for a Spa Wash (self serve tubs)?

Nothing…. Just your fur baby and yourself. You bathe your baby and have our A La Pup Carte services available to add on.  We provide the rest which includes the tub, shampoos, conditioners, grooming tools, towels, aprons, and dryers. 

What is the Luxury Wash?

Luxury Wash is where we bathe your fur baby for you. Not a groom, so no hair cutting. Our A La Pup Carte is also available with this service. 

What is included in the Posh Spa Grooming?

Our Posh Spa Grooming is our full-service grooming, which includes the hair cut, bath, ear cleaning, and nails trimmed.  A La Pup Carte add–ons also available with this service. 

Do we trim or grind nails separately from any of your spa services?

Yes, we do offer nail trims and grinding as a stand-alone service. 

How long does a Posh Spa Grooming or Luxury Wash take?

It generally takes 3-4 hours for our Posh service and 2-3 hours for our Luxury wash. We do not rush our groomers so as not to stress out the fur babies. However, we do work safely and efficiently and will call or text you as soon as your fur baby is finished and ready to be picked up. 

What is the latest time of day that I can come in for a Spa Wash?

Our last time slot for Spa Wash is 1 hour before closing time. This allows an appropriate amount of time for bathing and drying time for you.

How far in advance should I call for an appointment for Luxury Wash or Posh Spa Grooming?

Most of the time we can accommodate you the same day for Luxury Washes. For our Posh Spa Grooming, we recommended calling a few days to a week in advance for the best fit. 

Do you have an age limit or minimum requirement?

Because we value the safety of your fur baby, we require that a puppy be at least 4 months old and be current on their series of vaccines. Grooming a puppy is a little different from a full-grown fur baby. With this in mind, we base the groom on the needs of the individual pet. 

Are there any hidden or extra charges?

No there are no hidden or extra charges to worry about. We do offer A La Pup Carte services and upgrades that can be added on at the beginning of any spa service. Should we notice something is needed or recommended we will always call to explain and offer these services before we do those services.

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