Canine Social Club

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Canine Social Club and Enrichment Center of SW Florida

The Canine Social Club offers an innovative, comprehensive approach to meeting dogs’ physical and mental needs. Our unique concepts give you and your dog the best possible social experience in all of Lee county. We want the Canine Social Club and Enrichment Center to be a resource for the community and their canines. Each month we will change our topics, so there is always something exciting for you and your furbaby to do together. We know you will love one of our workshops, Seminars
or “Furry’s Fun Day”!
We have a variety of wonderful opportunities for you and your canine friend!


Workshops are designed for one topic that we spend with you and your dog to leave you with a better
understanding of how to continue working on this particular goal. 
People AND their dogs are invited to participate.
Prices range from $55-$65.


Seminars (1-1.5hr) are designed to give information to people, get some questions answered, and point you in the right direction of how to get started working on your goals.  This is for people only, no dogsPrices range from $35-$45.

Furry’s (our mascot) Fun Day

These are workshop-style designed so you and your furbaby can have a fun night out together.
We all love doing things with our pets and have created some fun activities here at Bubbles and Biscuits. 

People AND their dogs are invited to participate. Prices range from $55-$65.

Paws In Paint, Arts and Crafts Night – Come do a pet craft and have a souvenir to take home with you!
Game Night With Your Furbaby – We will be playing different games with people and their dogs.
Tricks For Treats With Your Furbaby – We will be teaching a few new tricks and making some treats to go with them.
Furry and Friends Gym – come learn somehow to exercise your dog in a fun, creative way that can be adapted to your home as well.

Our Day Camp & Enrichment Program: You drop your dog off at Bubbles and Biscuits, we love them, Teach them, and design their day to be both mentally and physically enriching. We specialize in fun and Good Habits!

Puppies under 6 months: ALL breeds welcome! We feel it is important to give everyone a strong foundation in this important time.

Dogs (over 6 months):  Small dogs (under 35lb) are welcome. Some dogs may not be ready for this environment and because we are looking out for your dog’s best interest we will need to do a temperament evaluation first.

Dogs over 35 lbs: We know that there are always exceptions to every rule and the 35 lb rule is no exception. If you feel that your dog prefers small dogs over big ones then give us a call and we can set up an evaluation day for your fur baby too! We have limited capacity for larger dogs so space fills quickly!

If your dog needs a quieter environment to get started check out our daycare readiness program.

Advantages of Day Camp:

  • Spend quality, one-on-one time with a trainer, learning valuable life skills.
  • Improve his or her performance on skills learned in class or private lessons.
  • Relate skills learned in class or private lessons to real-world skills.
  • Structured off-leash play with other dogs throughout the day.
  • Playtime with staff throughout the day.
  • Increase his or her confidence, strength, balance, attention span, and willingness to learn.
  • Interact with other puppies and with some patient adult “teaching dogs”, who will instill proper canine manners, respect for boundaries, and the rules of appropriate play.

Drop off and pick up may be available in your area, please call for more details.

Day Camp & Social Club

Days & Times: Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday

9 AM to 4 PM

All Campers must:

  • Provide copies of rabies, distemper, parvo, (titers accepted), and bordetella vaccinations.
  • Be on a flea and tick prevention program.
  • Be spayed or neutered by 7 months (to play off-leash in camp).
  • Have their 2nd round of shots.
  • Bring the Enrollment Application and a copy of your pet’s vaccination records on your first visit.
  • Call to schedule their “First Day”.



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